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The Bible

The Bible! Who believes the Bible? 

We have this stupid assignment to write about the Delaware Indians. Uncle T said that they think they are descendants from some guy named Noah. When I asked who Noah was, they told me he was from the Bible. 

Come on, the Bible is just an old book. My dad didn’t believe in it and I won’t either. I hate it here.



Today, I met Seth. He is Ben’s best friend. From what I can see they are good friends. That kind of hurt. I have never had a friend, who was just a friend, because he wanted to be. 

Seth is really, really strange. The kid is tall and white. I mean really white. His hair is white, his skin is so pale I can see some of the veins through it. He is also strange. There is almost a power that comes off him. He doesn’t glow or anything, not really, but he is really strange. 

Something is going on between Ben and Seth. It is like they know more than what is being said. Both of them are kind of strange. 

We start class this afternoon. I don’t want to do school. Ben says it is harder than it was in real school. I hate school. I usually can get others to do my homework. I don’t think that is going to fly here. 

Fixed — sort of

Somehow the strange doctor here fixed me. I don’t get it. I thought it was going to hurt. I mean every time the doctors got me into their hands, they pricked me, poked me, or just hurt me. They would lie and say “this isn’t going to hurt,” and then it would!

But this guy put something on my head and I don’t remember anything. The next thing I know, I am in my own cloths and on my bed. He fixed my lungs and my arm and legs. I didn’t have any cast on! And I didn’t have any bags, that was so bad!

I can’t walk though. I guess he can’t work miracles. I was pretty upset, but then Polly was there. 

I still don’t like it here. I wish I was back home. 

1 – Stupid Assignment

My name is Joshua T Miles. I am 13. Oh, yeah, I am now living at the end of the world! I have to do this stupid assignment. I am living with my uncle now and he says that by journalling I can sort through my feeling. Stupid!

He says he isn’t going to look at it, but he will check to see that it is done. I don’t know how he is going to do that, but I guess I better believe him.

My parents were killed in an accident and I survived. I don’t know why, I wish I had died too. Life really sucks. I can’t walk anymore. My lungs were hurt, but somehow they fixed them.

There is a doctor here, who is the strangest man I have ever met. he is a giant man and all white. His eyes are purple. He is weird, but I am afraid of him, a little. He fixed my legs and arms and took them out of the cast. But I still can’t walk.

I am now living in Alaska, in a log cabin. My cousin, Ben is here too. His parents are somewhere in the Middle East trying to find Noah’s Ark. How stupid is that!

I think I have my word count, I am not going to do more than I have too.