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February 21, 2013

I don’t know what is going on. Someone broke into the house last night. Ben and Seth got me out of there. They took me to a secret elevator. I mean who has an elevator in a log cabin, let alone a secret one!

When the door finally opened we were some place strange. It was a huge room. All kinds of strange machines and tables with projects on them. 

They took me to another elevator and to the strangest bed room I have ever been in. They told me it was where they really lived. What did they mean really live. I mean they live in the cabin, don’t they?

I couldn’t sleep. Both of them fell to sleep right away. I lay there staring at the ceiling. It is round with a giant sky light in it. I could see the stars and moon shining through it.

I think I have ended up in a strange place.


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